Development of Intra-personal skills and Character Education at schools in Estonia, Latvia and Spain

Understanding of Intra-personal (IC) skills and Character education (CE) can vary depending on cultural background, experiences and many other aspect. To ensure the successful implementation of the project as well as common aspects and understanding of character education and intra-personal competences, projects partners have developed need analyses report that describes the understanding of the IC and CE in Latvia, Estonia and Spain. The main objective of the report is to collect and compare the understanding of character and competence based learning in each partner state, evaluate common and different features and have an overview of existing initiatives in project partner countries as well as other countries.

Report consist of a detailed description of participant countries´ context is offered in relation to: IC and CE. Every participant country has its own interpretation of these concepts and therefore, it is necessary to specify how these concepts are.

Besides, we present the "SWOT analysis" made by each country to explain the main advantages and disadvantages of the implementation of Character Education practices. This analysis has allowed us to know strengths, weaknesses, contextual differences and aspects in common of the participant countries´ Character Education programmes.


In the second part of the research report, some international initiatives, existing in other countries, are presented and the possibilities of transference and adaptation of materials and programmes are analysed.


In the third part of the research report, partner countries present some case studies and refers to the best practices that are being developed in each country in order to exchange successful educational experiences.


Finally, in the last part of the research report, a brief analysis of each country context is presented, and a comparative evaluation is carried out with the aim of pointing out similar practices. The report also includes the Riga Seminar of Experts conclusions that present ideas to design and develop a teacher training programme.

We kindly invite you to read the report document and gain the common understanding of intra-personal skills and Character education. Report is prepared in English language and can be downloaded below by "Click to Download"